Taylor Machine Lubeless Tune-Up Kits

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Replacement O-Rings, Gaskets and Seals to be used on Taylor equipment during normal operation.

Lubricant tends to migrate and propagate in the food safe lubricant of shake and soft-serve machines.  This means that removal of this lubricant during each and every cleaning is critical to ensure a clean and safe product for consumers.  However, removing this lubricant requires diligence by operators that can be difficult to achieve regularly.  

Hydra Rinse patented lubeless technology removes this lubricant form the food path without negatively impacting machine performance, validated by your machine's manufacturer.  

Machines become easier and faster to clean with reduced risk of bacteria staying behind after cleaning is performed.  

Pair Hydra Rinse Lubeless technology with our Upgrade kit components and you're well on your way to a faster, easier and reliable cleaning!